All Hands In

Applying psychological science to create and deliver training that transforms teams and lasts

Examples of  Training 


Behaviour Change

Training medical staff on the psychological principles of behaviour change to enable better patient outcomes. For example medication usage and lifestyle change 

Training followed up with coaching and supervision to sustain learning.


Helping Skills

Psychological First Aid training to health professionals across multiple NHS Trusts and services to enable support of patients and colleagues during the height of the pandemic.


Team Building

Applying techniques from therapy to enhance team cohesion, create a compassionate workforce and have fun at the same time!


Staff Resilience

Supporting staff to manage change and strengthen as a team and as individuals using the evidence-based practice of resilience training. Team-based resilience training enhances team cohesion and creates supportive environments capable of adapting to change with curiosity and flexibility.


Psychological Skills

Expert delivery of psychological skills training from lay people to qualified mental health professionals in a range of psychological skills including communication skills, therapy training and engagement with clients

Alan was a fantastic speaker - he was clearly so knowledgeable but wore this very lightly - his explanations were so accessible, the content was spot on, and he hit a great balance between theory and experiential learning. I wish all training was like this!

Clinical Psychologist